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  • I love good stories.

    What do I mean by ‘good story’?

    One that you can’t put down.  A story so entertaining, you sneak to the bathroom at work to read an extra chapter and stay up way too late because you just HAVE TO finish it.

    One with characters that feel real.

    One that, on top of entertaining you, also gives you a little something extra.  A fresh perspective or a touch of beautiful language that leaves you reeling.

    Right now, the stories I read like this are mostly taking the form of thrillers – like Megan Abbott’s “The End of Everything”, Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl”, Tana French’s “Into the Woods”, or Laura Lippman’s “To The Power of Three.”

    My goal is to write stories like that, and this website is the place where I’ll try.

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A little more about me:

I live with my ginger husband and our two sleepy/stinky basset hounds in a house we remodeled ourselves (why yes, I DO have a story in me about that battle someday!)  I’m a film-lover who graduated with a degree in Writing & Directing from Colorado Film school, then learned even more about storytelling at UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting.  For a long time, I made my living as a photographer, but my first love has always been writing. You can find all my mystery/thriller titles here, but I also dabble in writing romance with some other wonderful writers under the pen name Lily Cahill. Learn more at www.LILYCAHILL.com.