No Kindle? No problem.

SLAIN is currently exclusive through Amazon, but that doesn’t mean you need a Kindle to read it! I have several other options for you.

Get the Kindle Reading App

The FREE Kindle Reading App is available for almost all tablets, computers, and smartphones. Installation is fast and easy. Go here for instructions:

Get the FREE Kindle Reading App on AMAZON

Buy the paperback

Did you know that SLAIN is available in paperback too? Here’s where you can buy it:

Buy the paperback on AMAZON

Email me

Have a different eReader and just don’t like reading on your computer/phone? I totally understand. Purchase SLAIN on Amazon and email a copy of your receipt to: I’ll send you the book in whatever format you like (Nook, Kobo, epub or pdf) via email within 24 hours. (Please specify your device.)